Savannah Compton
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Savannah Compton

Owner/Lead Stylist

I started my career in the hair industry in California by attending cosmetology school and working as an apprentice under master stylist Christie Blodgett in Los Angeles. And even though I am a Texas girl at heart, I love combining my southern roots with a little California flair when helping a client find a new style. I have now been in the industry for nearly a decade and have found that the favorite part of my job is the people that I meet and helping transform the way someone feels about how they look.


When I made the decision to open Epic Looks, I had a vision of creating a salon with a downtown, upscale look while still maintaining a warm and welcoming feel for everyone that entered. I also wanted to bring together a group of incredible, professional stylists who truly enjoy what they do and work together as a team. When you visit our salon, I believe that is exactly what you will find. So, if you are looking for a beautiful salon where you can sit back and relax, listen to some great music, maybe enjoy a drink, and know that your hair will look fabulous when you leave – we are the salon for you.